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Lax & Co. Sports Division

Discipline + Experience + Focus = Success

This is a formula that leads to success for professional athletes. It is the same formula used by Lax & Co meet its clients’ goals for over 50 years. 


Your Lineup for Success

Financial Advisor

  • Create Secure & Consistent Growth

  • Transgenerational wealth strategies

  • Establish future tax-free income

  • Provide objective & unbiased feedback

  • Manage Competing Priorities

  • Facilitate growth mindset
    and accountability

Life Coach

Our Life Coach provides services utilizing a range of techniques to support and challenge individuals to both set and achieve personal and athletic goals. Together, they will develop the critical mental skills that optimize performance and give athletes a mental advantage. Through this coaching approach, our client athletes gain the knowledge, skills, and self-discovery necessary to reach their full potential professionally and personally. Our life coach helps our client athletes manage the rigors of training, handle pressure in competitive settings, overcome high expectations, and perform well consistently. 

Marketing Manager

  • Create Brand Strategies

  • Identify income opportunities

  • Manage day to day finances

Estate Attorney

  • Wealth protection

  • Will & Trust Strategies


  • Tax efficiency

  • Charitable giving strategies

What Our Clients Say

Kim English_edited.jpg
"Lax & Co. manages my family’s financial future so I can manage my team’s future."

Kim English

Our Formula

Image by Malik Skydsgaard


Financial planning disciplined to weather the ups and downs of financial markets.

Brainstorming over paper_edited.jpg


Client service and investing values that span more than five decades.

High School Basketball Game


A focus on our clients, their families, and their goals.

Grow Your Vision

Are you ready to take control of your future?

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